MAATSUYKER takes its name from the MAATSUYKER islands – a long forgotten group of islands, lost in the windswept seas south of Tasmania. Originally discovered by Dutch explorers in 1642, the islands remained uninhabited until a lighthouse was eventually constructed, in 1899.

It was in these bleak, inhospitable conditions MAATSUYKER was forged – with its focus on functionality, longevity and utilitarian design.

MAATSUYKER garments are modelled on the clothes of the workers, as they struggled to survive the gale force winds and torrential rains.

MAATSUYKER has strong linkages to iconic Australian fabrics and garments, particularly merino wool, whose natural warmth and regenerative qualities served the workers well. MAATSUYKER garments are hardily constructed, right here in Melbourne, using wools, from our dedicated, brand owned source farm.

Our showroom is located on Chapel St in the heart of South Yarra.