What is Maatsuyker?

Maatsuyker is a new, artisanal Melbourne based fashion brand with a concept store in the heart of South Yarra. 

Why Maatsuyker?

Maatsuyker takes its name from the Maatsuyker islands, a little known archipelago lost in the wild seas off the south coast of Tasmania - Australia's inhospitable, southernmost tip.

Where are Maatusyker clothes made?

All our clothes are made here, in Melbourne. Our workers are properly paid and work in clean, well ventilated brightly lit studios. All our design, development and sampling takes place in our design studios in South Yarra.

What are your clothes made from?

All Maatsuyker garments are made with minimal wastage, from natural fabrics - organic cottons, linen and pure Australian merino.

Why merino?

Merino is nature's miracle fibre: sustainable, recyclable and fully renewable Australian merino sheep are reared on a simple diet of water, sunshine and grass and the resultant fibres are soft, warm and odour resistant.